After we received the letter, we were devastated to say the least. It seemed all of our dreams, all of our plans, were slipping through our fingers. Thoughts raced through my head. We would now be the target of hate crimes. We would be the targets of assumptions and misunderstandings. We would be….targets.

Should we get a dog? A security system? Should we move to Canada?? (Yes, relocating definitely crossed our minds!)

As much as I was worrying, I could see this tortured my fiance even more. He said he would be willing to do whatever it took to keep our family safe….including not marrying me and moving out of our home if that’s what it took.

We contacted his lawyer. There was no way out of this, other than asking for a pardon. This is still something we are considering. His circumstances were a little different. He never would have accepted the plea if he knew he would end up on the registry. The law changed since his court plea over 8 years ago. Although we had let the past be the past, we are now being forced to face his past head on, each and every day for the next 10 years.

Not marrying this man never was an option for me. When I agreed to marry him, I already agreed in my mind and in my heart to the vows we would take before God, our family and friends. These vows included through good times, and bad. This was going to be a long and bumpy road, but we knew the only way to get through it was to be together, keeping each other strong.

So what now? Where did this leave our wedding plans? And….how were we going to tell people??



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